Weed whackers

A musical composition of mine was featured on the most recent episode of the Showtime television show “Weeds.” I actually saw the episode last night, and also watched some additional Showtime shows. Judging from the shows I saw and advertisements for other shows on the network, Showtime seems to have carved out a nice little niche by presenting near pornography as intellectual entertainment. There’s shots of naked people, sexual situations, and all-out cursing but it’s done with a kind of Woody Allen finesse.

I find this little disturbing. If I just sit around watching pornography, I’m a sicko. But if I watch pornography on Showtime, I’m an intellectual. I can say, “I’m not really watching these two people having sex for any kind of lurid reason, rather I’m appreciating the rich commentary it offers on the development of Western culture in the 21st century. Ho hum.”

Here’s the tune, one that I’ve featured on these pages before:
Piano piece in G min by Wil Forbis

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  1. John Saleeby

    Oh, I was wondering if the “Weeds” thing worked out for you. Congradulations! And the first thing you do is pack up and go to Europe to present yourself as a Big Shot Hollywood Soundtrack Writer. Well, that’s a mighty complicated way to get some pussy but it should work. No wonder Bernard Herrman spent so much time over there.