The return of the king

So I’m back from my Scandinavian adventures. The predictable instances of political intrigue, near death experiences and sexual encounters shall be mentioned forthcoming. But first I wanted to share this cool gypsy jazz song I discovered while overseas. The band, Vaya Con Dias, is a group from Belgium whose heyday was the 80s and 90s.

What a wacked out guitar solo!

Interesting story to how I discovered them. I was in a wine bar in Stockholm watching a competent two person acoustic act and they did a song about a pimp called “Don’t Cry for Louis.” I thought it was pretty interesting and looked it up online to discover it was a Vaya Con Dias song. From there I explored the rest of their catalog.

But back to that wine bar. The crowd was essentially white, young and middle class except for what I took to be a northern African transvestite blasted out of his/her mind. S/he kept getting up and stomping her shoes on the wood floor or walking up to the performers and singing along into their mikes. Eventually the transvestite got kicked out and once outside, flung several glasses and plates into traffic (they shattered on the street, not hitting anyone’s car.)

Those African transvestites in Stockholm know how to party! But you knew that already.

1 Response to “The return of the king”

  1. John Saleeby

    Guy comes back from more than two weeks in Europe and his first story is about a black transvestite. Your brain has been ruined by Comedy Central.