Totally tubular!

I haven’t featured much penis news around here as of late, but an alert reader sent in the following: Granada firemen save man’s penis stuck in a tube.

Granada fire-fighters have avoided the need for a penis to be amputated after it got stuck in a steel cylinder after a 52 year old man had placed it there in what appears to be part of a sexual act.

Doctors in the emergency department of the Hospital Ruiz de Alda in Granada were unable to release the member, as it seems the penis was suffering what is described as ‘an important inflammation’.

The last time my penis got stuck in a steel trap was when I was having sex with my wife! HAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!

Seriously… I’m not married.

2 Responses to “Totally tubular!”

  1. John Saleeby

    Just as long as you don’t get a steel cylinder stuck up your ass. You go into an ER with a steel cylinder stuck up your ass and all the guys with their dicks stuck in a steel cylinder will mock you mercilessly. Is there a web site where I can look at pictures of these steel cylinders everyone is talking about?


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