Emotional blankness

In various sections in Damasio’s book he discusses people with a particular ailment – they feel limited or no emotion. Often these people start off as conscientious, upstanding members of society – people who can be counted on to provide emotional support to their fellows – but after brain damage they become withdrawn and disinterested in the agonies of their fellow man. I can’t help read these anecdotes and feel that it describes changes that have occurred to me in recent years. I used to be intrigued with the activities of my fellows and at least somewhat responsive to their emotional needs; now I often find myself stifling laughter when I hear someone describe the tragedies that have befallen them.

One might presume I have become cold and callous in my years; I offer another theory. I am actually the first in a new kind of advanced human – a human who has stripped away human weaknesses such as emotion. Within time, the most attractive of the less evolved human females, led by Scarlett Johansson, will recognize my superiority and mate with me. Our progeny will be a new race of meta-cyborg-humans who will declare war on the old weak human race. Emotional humans will fall, mewing and screaming, one by one, under the metal fists of their new masters – my children.

1 Response to “Emotional blankness”

  1. John Saleeby

    You get suspiciously emotional there towards the end there. You won’t make it. I will mate with the 100% Emotion Free Mila Kunis and DESTROY YOU ALL!!! AND I WILL BE YOUR MASTER!!! I . . What, Mila? What do you mean I’m making too much noise? Mila? Come back, Mila! Aw, fuck!