Deep thinking at Starbucks

I often discuss philosophical or neuroscientific topics on this blog and usually I insinuate or even directly state that the fact that I’m one of very few people ruminating on these subjects indicates that I am close to godhood while most other people are drooling morons. Now, I still think that’s a valid position, but yesterday I was sitting in a Starbucks and there were a couple of college-age kids one table over discussing a lot of the very same topics I’ve spent these past couple years thinking about — free will, biological determinism, consciousness. The young man (it was a man and woman; the chick was pretty heavy but had massive hooters) even tackled a conundrum that’s baffled me: how does the concept of randomness as described in quantum mechanics fit into a world we presume to be deterministic?

So, I guess I’m just saying there’s hope for the younger generation.

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