Rush Refuses Rush

The band Rush has asked Rush Limbaugh to stop playing their music. Rush Limbaugh is, of course, embroiled in controversy over recent misogynistic remarks. Rush the band, is of course, a popular prog-rock band with a libertarian but not conservative bent.


The comments section has a good discussion on the control bands have over their music.

We saw a similar situation when Rush (the band) asked politician Rand Paul (son of Ron) to stop playing their music. I commented on it here.

6 Responses to “Rush Refuses Rush”

  1. John Saleeby

    I wish Rush (the band) would stop playing Rush’s (the band’s) Music.

  2. Wil

    Heh – so do a lot of people.

  3. John Saleeby

    They’d be a good Nirvana cover band. Or Primus!

  4. Wil

    Actually -I saw Primus open for Rush around 92. Good show – probably the last arena show worth seeing.

  5. John Saleeby

    Primus is good. Rush is okay. I heard him on the radio today while driving around. He says all that stuff about him losing sponsors is BS. I can’t get over the difference between his speaking voice and his singing voice.

    Hey! Where the FUCK is that package UPS was supposed to deliver today? Shit!

  6. John Saleeby

    That package finally showed up but now I’m so cranked out from pacing around waiting for it all day I’m gonna take a night off from Writing. Will the World make it without that ten pages of scribbled hilarity? Maybe Conan O’Brien’s staff will do an extra funny show on TBS tonight to take up my slack? Maybe Bill Murray will do something crazy wherever he is out there tonight? Is Tom Green doing a Stand Up gig tonight? Somebody check his web site! If he’s taking the night off maybe The Firesign Theater is doing something. Fuck, I’m sick of carrying this fucking industry on my back.