Cyborg man can hear colors!

We’ve all heard of synesthesiacs – people who’s senses are cross wired so that they can, for example, see sounds or hear colors. This guy, a color blind artist, has become a kind of cyborg synesthesiac using a device that allows him to hear colors.

When you walk into the produce section of a supermarket, you see yellow bananas, red peppers, green spinach. For Neil Harbisson, though, it’s all shades of gray.
He’s color-blind.
Harbisson, who’s half-Irish and half-Spanish, is also an artist. And with the help of a high-tech headset, he can “hear” color. The headset is essentially a webcam that hangs over his forehead like a third eye — it’s called an eyeborg. It was built for him by a British technology expert, Adam Montandon.
The camera reads color frequencies, and then sends the frequencies to a tiny chip that translates them into sound. The sound is then pulsed directly into his skull, via a headband that keeps the whole thing snug on his head.

This reminds me of the woman who had magnets implanted in her fingertips so that she could feel the force of magnetism. Clearly we’re seeing the rise of a class of humans who have additional sensory powers. I predict they will become our masters and we will achieve rapturous ecstasy if they allow us to be in their presence even only for mere minutes.

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