The latest…

Well, in munich now. This is one city that’s not blowing me away. Leavng for luxemborg tommorrow.

I was thinking of a good gag today. You go up to a sales or hotel clerk and ask, ” Do you speak english?” When they say yes, you say, “wergly scnerzle flug? Disbobble nerfle strighterf! Zard? Zard! Zard!”

Ha! That would show them!

2 Responses to “The latest…”

  1. John Saleeby

    Uh oh! Apparently Wil is unaware that “wergly scnerzle flug? Disbobble nerfle strighter! Zard? Zard! Zard!” is Luxemborgian for “Do you fuck guys in the ass? Cause I’ll let you fuck me for a free room! Will you fuck me? Fuck me! Fuck me!”

    I thought it would be an amusing Comedy bit but it turned out to be pretty unpleasant, didn’t it?

    I’m going to Church.

  2. John Saleeby

    Forbis! Have you been BUNGEE JUMPING? There’s a News Story on the Internet about a Woman who was nearly killed BUNGEE JUMPING out there in the Not America and we’re all afraid that it was you! If you’re dead let me know by appearing to me when the door to my apartment is already open and I can dart outside without hurting myself! I will resume your Life in San Diego and everybody will have a renewed Pep In Their Step!

    “BUNGEE JUMPING! That poor thing!” – Valarie Bertinelli