Teenager sued for hitting woman with his flying body parts

Teenagers… they can’t do anything right. For instance:

…an appeals court in Illinois recently ruled that a woman is allowed to sue a dead teen’s estate for injuries caused by his flying body parts. The 18-year-old boy was running across the Amtrak tracks to catch another train but didn’t make it — he was hit by an oncoming train going 70 mph and his body was torn apart by the force and flung onto a nearby passengers’ waiting platform. The woman, 58, was struck by a sizable chunk of the boy’s body and was knocked to the ground, breaking her leg and wrist.

1 Response to “Teenager sued for hitting woman with his flying body parts”

  1. John Saleeby

    Did you ever see that film clip where the lady got hit by a train and flew right into the camera? I bet Jean Luc Godard is still talking about that.