The hidden map of languages

I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been spending some time learning German lately. It’s interesting how much learning that language gives you new insights into English. For instance, you see the word “karte” pop up a lot in German. A ticket is a “fahrkarte” or a menu is a “Speisekarte.” I was presuming karte basically meant “card,” in the sense that a ticket is really like a “fare card” or a menu is kind of like an “eating card.” However, today I learned it meant “map.” As in “cartography.” And suddenly pieces of these two languages seem to come together.

I think if I continue studying both languages, I will be able to discover a hidden map (or “karte”) to the universe which will enable me to become all-powerful and ensure that Katy Perry sleeps with me.

5 Responses to “The hidden map of languages”

  1. John Saleeby

    Ich bin ein tiny nano robot.

  2. Ahole

    sent u a fb msg.

  3. John Saleeby

    The hiiiiiden map of laaaaaaaanguages!
    Fiiind your waaay arooooound the wooooorld by taaaaaalking to ouuuur freeeeeinds
    With the hiiiiiiden map of laaaaaaaaaanguages!
    French and German, Italian and Japaneeeeeeese
    The hiiiiiiiden map of laaaaaaaanguages
    Dooo neeeee Paggaaa guhlink!
    If you don’t understand that last bit we really think you stink!
    The hiiiiiiiden map of laaaaaaaaaaaaanguages!!!
    We forget to write a rhyme for “Japaneeeeese”
    Did you see “Audition” – Geeeeeez!
    The hiiiiiiden map of laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanges!!!

    (Repeat in French, then German, then Italian, and Italian again – “Suspiria” is better than “Audition”)

    The hiiiiiiiide map of laaaaaaaaabguages!

  4. Wil

    I will agree that Suspira is better than Audition.

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