The Three Investigators Movie!

I’ve mentioned that, as a kid, I was a great fan of the Three Investigators series of young adult detective novels. The trio were kind of an update of the famed Hardy boys, but much more interesting. Whereas the Hardy boys were wholesome all-American douche bags, the Three Investigators had angst. Lead investigator Jupiter Jones was brilliant, but portly. Second investigator Pete Crenshaw was athletic, but of average intelligence. Recordkeeper Bob Andrews was academic, but lacking in nerve. With almost Zen appeal, the three characters’ strengths and flaws fit together as a greater whole.

I’ve also mentioned that for a brief period I was involved in working at a film production company. While there, I once suggested that The Three Investigators might be a good concept for a film but nothing ever came of it.

So, last night, I was looking through the downloadable movies on my cable service and came across an entry titled “The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island.”

As you can imagine, I just about flipped my wig! Never in a million years did I think anyone would actually make a Three Investigators movie. I immediately looked it up online. It turned out the movie had been made by a German company because, apparently, The Three Investigators are huge in Germany. The reviews weren’t kind; this quite amusing blogger called it the second worst thing Germans have ever done. Nonetheless, I watched it. And, frankly, it wasn’t bad. It was definitely an updated take on my childhood heroes, but true enough to the spirit of the books. Not the sort of thing I would recommend you watch if you’re not already a fan of the books, but you could do worse.

The movie, it turns out, was actually made in 2007. And, a sequel was made. If I get a chance to see it I will.

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