Sunday funnies

You know what would be a funny practical joke? Let’s say you meet someone on a very casual basis, like, a new clerk down at the 7-Eleven. You go in once, and have a brief, friendly conversation. Then a couple days later you go in to pick up a sixpack, and again have a very short but amiable chat. Then, a couple nights later, you come in looking really worn out and ragged. You start talking to the guy, and start crying about how you’re incapable of forming any meaningful relationships. Then you look at the guy and say, “the truth is, you’re my best friend.”

That would be a funny gag.

2 Responses to “Sunday funnies”

  1. John Saleeby

    That happens to Store Employees all the time. I walked into our Neighborhood Convenience Store and the Indian Guy Owner was giving a Black couple Marriage Counseling.

    “There is no UNDERSTANDING without ACCEPTANCE!! Is this a Debit or Credit card?”

  2. Wil

    It’s black people – of course it’s debit!!

    Or do I mean credit card?

    I’m not very good at racist humor.