Strange German music videos

I’ve been making an effort to learn some basic German, and decided I would pop over to you tube to dig up some german language music videos to gain exposure to the language. The results were, ummm, weird. I thought I would post a few of them here.

Das Boot: I don’t think this actually is German made; it’s a strange music video made of equal parts Sat. Night Live parody and Right Said Fred. But quite catchy!

Die Prinze (The Prince, I’m guessing.) These guys are a major find – sort of a combination of Falco, The Backstreet Boys and Weird Al. Their youtube profile says, “Die Prinzen are a German Pop Rock A-capella band from Leipzig.” No surprise there – who doesn’t think A-capella when they think of Leipzig?

Das Alles is Deutschland! (All this is Germany.)

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