Toddler therapy

When you think about it, a lot of physical and emotional therapies involve lying around on the floor and looking up at the world. For example, Feldenkrais, the movement discipline I take classes in involves a lot of time lying on your back. The same could be said for a lot of yoga. Even classic psychotherapy involves lying in the couch.

I believe the argument for lying down in physical therapies is that you’re mitigating the effects of gravity. But I wonder if there’s another aspect to it: you’re effectively positioning yourself in the position you spent a lot of time in as a baby. You’re returning to the comfort of being a cared for child.

I wonder if we could design an effective emotional and physical therapy system based on actively returning to your early years. People could walk into a room, lie there, and be cared for as they pooped their pants, peed on the floor and suckled on the breasts of the instructor. Based on my anecdotal experience, I think such a class could have remarkable therapeutic results.

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