Rethinking Tom Morello

I’ve always found Tom Morello — guitar player for hip-hop metal band Rage against the Machine — kind of annoying for his finger wagging lefty nagging. But I saw the guy on “That Metal Show” last night, and I give him a lot of credit for really defending hard rock and heavy metal, as well is clearly having a genuine appreciation for it. A lot of the pinko commie hippies who laud him probably can’t stand AC/DC or Dio, but Morello is unapologetic about his love for the music. For that he gets an official my so-called penis handshake.

Come here, Tom… shake my so-called penis.

Seriously dude, where you going?

Interestingly, some friends of mine opened for Tom’s second band, AudioSlave, a few years back. I remember visiting them when they played in Amsterdam, and having him staring at me while I was eating food in their little commissary.

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