Losing your left hemisphere

This is an interesting TED talk I watched recently. The speaker is a neuroscientist who had a stroke in her left brain that significantly altered her perception of reality. (She ended up writing a book on the subject.) As she explains it, and as I think is generally understood, the left brain is the more logical, language oriented hemisphere of the brain, while the right is nonverbal, and oriented towards intuition and feeling. Her description of experience makes it sound either like meeting God, or having an awesome LSD trip, or meeting God and having him hand you some LSD, and you go off and seriously trip together. In particular she talks about losing her ability to significantly delineate her “self” from the rest of the universe.

She gets a little fruity towards the end, but it’s definitely thought-provoking.

3 Responses to “Losing your left hemisphere”

  1. John Saleeby

    Yeah, Jill Bolte Taylor – She’s NUTS!

  2. Larwence

    She should have eaten that brain.

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