The code to the universe

I’ve been reading this interesting book called “The User Illusion” about… well, I’m not quite sure what it’s about. It’s supposed to be about the nature of human consciousness, but so far the author has been mostly talking about math equations and thermodynamics. There is an interesting section on the mathematician Kurt Godel. Godel examined the statement “I am lying” and noted that it was a paradox. If you spoke the statement truthfully, you were not being truthful and vice versa. Godel examined this paradox in mathematical form, and used it to show that math cannot completely describe the universe. There were mathematical statements that could be both true and false at the same time.

It’s interesting to think about the idea that both language and math can essentially convey the same concepts. And just today I was reading about how composers in the day of JS Bach criticized his music for being too mathematical. This opens up the idea that music itself can describe concepts we might presume to be the domain of math or language.

Thus I think we conclude that language and music and math are all describing some greater truth… some code of the universe. And I’m pretty sure that if you figured out this code you would be all-powerful and any chick you wanted would have to sleep with you.

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