Release the Osama photos?

I’ve been mentally debating whether or not the US government should release photos of a deceased Osama bin Laden. On one hand, it would seem like they wouldn’t really prove anything. If the government could fake Osama’s assassination, they could just as easily fake pictures. And, apparently the guy has two bullet holes in his head which may make him unrecognizable.

On the other hand, as we just saw from the whole birther fiasco, these conspiracy nuts don’t seem to shut up unless you hand them red meat so maybe we should just nip this one in the bud.

However, a commentator on the web made an interesting point. We know Obama and the administration were watching the attack as it occurred. As such, there should be images of Osama before he was shot. (I’m not quite sure where the video feed would have been coming from in this attack. Was every SEAL wearing some kind of mini DV camera? In this day and age, I can’t imagine why not, unless there’s some concern that if the soldier was killed the enemy could somehow make use of the footage for intelligence or propaganda purposes.) Should they release those images?

1 Response to “Release the Osama photos?”

  1. John Saleeby

    They’re going to keep the pictures out of view until demand gets so high they can sell copies for Big Bucks. That’s why no one has seen my collection of Poetry. I’m just making the World wait.