And thus it begins

Well, less than two days after Osama bin Laden’s execution and the LA Times already has a front-page article on the numerous allegations that bin Laden’s death was staged. Cindy Sheehan, Alex Jones and the usual scum are arguing that it was all faked to give Obama a boost.

I really don’t understand these people’s view of humanity. They seem to believe that it would be no problem getting the — at minimum — 20 or 30 people necessary to fake such an operation (some of them Pentagon types and likely political enemies Obama) to sign on to such a conspiracy and keep their mouths shut for life. It’s the 9/11 conspiracy nonsense (or birth or conspiracy for that matter) all over again. Even though it flies in the face of anything a non-retarded person knows about human behavior.

I’m reminded of an old lecture on video I once saw given by neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky. He noted a study in which the families of schizophrenics were investigated. Amongst such as families was a higher than normal percentage of, well, basically wackos. Religious nuts, Trekkies, people really into fantasy novels. They refer to these people as schizotypals. They’re not officially crazy, but they’re not normal either. Part of their deficit is their sense of certainty — their ability to believe largely kooky fantasies without an ounce of doubt. Which sounds a lot like these conspiracy nuts. It would be interesting to round these conspiracy fanatics up and perform some brain experiments on them searching for signs of schizotypal behavior. Then they could all be gassed.

2 Responses to “And thus it begins”

  1. John Saleeby

    Turns out Bin Laden didn’t have a gun after all. But they shot him anyway. So I’m very happy to let Obama have all the credit for that. A pussy is a pussy no matter how hard he tries to be a tough guy.

    “Makes me want to puke”
    - Jean Belmondo’s Final Words in “Breathless”

  2. Wil

    If I was the SEAL that shot bin Laden I would’ve said, “well, first he was hiding behind his wife, so I took her out. Then he started rolling on the floor and crying. He said something about if I didn’t kill him, he would suck my dick. I told him to shut up, and he said something like I could shoot him, but he still wanted to suck my dick first. So he’s kind of clawing at my belt buckle, and at that point, I decided to plug him. The whole thing was starting to creep me out.”