Secret agent Trump?

In all the discussion about Donald Trump and his allegations that Obama was born in Kenya I’ve yet to see exploration of what I consider to be an interesting theory. Consider that, although Trump has long been a Republican, he’s been a relatively centrist one and has argued for universal health care and been very critical of George W. Bush. We should note that the effect of Donald Trump on the political scene seems to be that “real” Republican candidates have make clear their opinions on the birther theory. If they deny it, they risk losing the substantial votes of the birther base; if they affirm it, they risk losing the centrists and independents who quite rightfully think it’s an insane theory. And let’s consider the following scenario: Republicans nominate a mainstream candidate, but Trump runs as an independent thereby siphoning off enough votes to ensure Obama’s reelection.

I propose that Trump is operating as a double agent — his goal here is actually to get Obama reelected, and he’s merely setting himself up as the “bad cop” to facilitate the process. In fact, I suspect he and Obama are in cahoots on the scheme.

Furthermore, I would argue that Obama and Donald Trump are gay lovers.

5 Responses to “Secret agent Trump?”

  1. John Saleeby

    I think the odds against Trump running as the Republican candidate are pretty even with the ones against Obama running as the Democratic candidate. That’s not quite a joke is it? How about if I scream and yell and make silly faces like Jon Stewart doing his weak ass Political bits? Does that help?

    One of those black round bombs with a burning fuse you see in cartoons exploded in my hands today. Unfortunately I was not in a cartoon at the time and I was killed. I am now the main character in a cartoon about a guy fucking around on the internet before taking a shower and going to work. Is this a Chuck Jones cartoon? No? Good, I’ll probably make it to work in one piece.

  2. Wil

    Did Chuck Jones ever do pornographic cartoons?

  3. John Saleeby

    Haven’t you ever seen his Pepe LePew cartoons?

  4. Wil

    Pepe was pretty sexy.

  5. John Saleeby

    I learned everything I know about sex from an animated cartoon about a French skunk.

    You don’t want to see my home pornography.