Computer to brain interfaces, continued

I’m probably beating the topic of brain-to-computer-interfaces to death around here, but I continue to be amazed with the progress being made. Consider this

In a new study, scientists from Washington University demonstrated that humans can control a cursor on a computer screen using words spoken out loud and in their head, holding huge applications for patients who may have lost their speech through brain injury or disabled patients with limited movement.

By directly connecting the patient’s brain to a computer, the researchers showed that the computer could be controlled with up to 90% accuracy even when no prior training was given.

Voice dictation, which I use, probably has somewhere around 96% accuracy. That can be frustrating, but it’s functional.

It really seems that within my lifetime we will see commercial products allowing us to “think” to our computers. No doubt leading to text such as, “Product valuation for fourth-quarter performance. We are on track to meet our valuation requirements for the 10-80B product line. Mass-market response in Asian sectors has been very promising. We are seeing slow but steady growth in the… Goddammit, I need more coffee. I’ve got to walk all the way back over to the recreation area. Course, I’m going to pass that new hot piece of gash secretary. You can tell she thinks she’s all that. I like to stick it right in her pink hole — that’d give her something to think about! Christ, the computer’s reading my mind again! God damn you you piece of shit crap fuck… !”

Anyway, the whole article is worth reading.

1 Response to “Computer to brain interfaces, continued”

  1. John Saleeby

    If you cannot communicate because of brain damage or some such nonsense it is because God, in His Infinite Wisdom, has decided that you have nothing worth communicating and should just be quiet. Next thing you know they will be inventing chairs with wheels so people who can’t walk can roll around! It’s gone too far, I tell you!