Too much is never enough

Here’s an interesting article about hypersexual behavior often brought about by neurosurgery performed on epilepsy patients. When a certain part of the brain is removed, such patients become — as James Brown might’ve said — sex machines. For example:

In another case, an epileptic woman underwent an unsuccessful left temporal lobectomy to help stop debilitating seizures. Klüver-Bucy symptoms, including hypersexuality, emerged following the surgery. She began masturbating in public and aggressively soliciting her family members and neighbors for sex.

It’s a shame the author doesn’t mention the woman’s address; I’d love to see if there are any vacancies in her neighborhood! I think I could do a thing or two to help satisfy those urges.

Er, I mean, what a terrible ordeal for both her and her family.

There is a serious and thought-provoking point made at the end of the article. If people’s behaviors are tied to their brain structure? What is free will?

If a “good” person’s brain can be rendered morally disabled by an invasive tumor or an epileptic fuse-shortage, subsequently causing them to do very bad deeds, then isn’t it rather hypocritical to assume that a “bad” person without brain injury—whose brain is anatomically organized by epigenetics (the complex interplay between genes and experiences)—has any more free will than the neuroclinical case? After all, perhaps it’s just a matter of timing: The “good” are born with brains that can “go bad,” whereas the “bad” are hogtied by a morally disabled neural architecture from the very start.

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  1. John Saleeby

    There was a Comedy Movie starring Jessica Biel as a woman in a similar situation. This Movie was Written and Produced by Al Gore’s no talent daughter (The one who suppposedly wroye for “Futurama”) and is so bad it seems to have put quite the damper on Biel’s Acting career. Wasn’t there a Movie about Biel as a Stripper that put quite the damper on Biel’s Acting Career? Why does she get so many chances?

    Because she’s so fucking HOT. obviously! Aren’t you dying to see these Movies no matter how awful they are? I know I am!

  2. Larwence

    that’s my kind of gal.

  3. Cunt Whore Cunt

    would you post saleeby’s old ‘that 70s show’ penthouse letter please.
    i thought about it today, looked, and two links are broken on the page, and his letter isn’t one of the working ones.

  4. John Saleeby

    Hey, now even losers like us can afford Japanese Mail Order Brides! AWESOME!!!