The secret Facebook plan

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about how Facebook (or any social network) is structured a lot like the human brain. You have single nodes — either an individual Facebook user, or an individual neuron in the brain. These nodes seek out new connections. For a Facebook user, this means hitting up various people to be friends with. For the neuron, it’s the act of axons passing neurotransmitters to the dendrites of other neurons.

It’s only by combining individual nodes with billions of others — and creating trillions of possible connections — that we arrive at consciousness. Thus one has to ask: is Mark Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal with Facebook to create some kind of all-powerful Omni brain using the brainpower of individual nodes (e.g. Facebook users)? And does he intend to use this Omni brain as a tool for unleashing psychic warfare on peaceful alien races in other galaxies?

As usual, our corporate owned media is not asking the big questions.

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