Recent jam

Here’s a recent performance I did with a fellow I’d been playing with, Brian Bosen.

6 thoughts on “Recent jam

  1. John Saleeby

    I’ll watch this when I wake up.

    Hey, last night I watched the Queen concert DVD I gave my Niece for Christmas. I saw them in 1978 and they were just “okay” but the performance on this DVD was in 1986 and the eight years of practice really paid off cause it’s fuckin’ AWESOME!

    And then it turns out my Niece knows how to play guitar! We got into a big fight over the “Respect Authority” video you had on your blog and she picked up the guitar that’s been sitting around her room for years and started jammin’ just to show up the other little girls in that video. You coulda knocked me over with a feather! But the main girl in the “Respect Authority” is a lot hotter.

  2. John Saleeby

    Hey, that’s pretty cool. You play well on that and when they pop the balloons it’s like “Kiss Alive!”. And then that guy does a back flip and it’s like Van Halen – Wow! I like that bar, it’s just cool looking. What is that place called? FORBIS’ HOUSE OF ACID LOGIC? I own sixty percent of that dump! If that back flip guy hurts himself it’s coming outta your forty percent!

  3. Wil Post author

    Yeah, the last time I saw that backflip guy I said, “one of these days I’m gonna watch you kill yourself doing that.”

  4. John Saleeby

    Yeah, that’s clever. But what’s the name of the fucking place? Why avoid the question? It’s called “LET’S BLOW ALL OF SALEEBY’S MONEY ON THIS BLACK HOLE”, isn’t it? How much did that “LIQUOR” sign set me back?

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