E-books are taking over

Reason.com notes that electronic books are becoming more popular, and poised to soon outsell regular books (at least at Amazon.com.)

The other day an interesting idea struck me: what about putting an e-book reader on your television? So, if you’re browsing through your 400 channels and finding nothing interesting on — as I often do — you could say, “why don’t I bring up one of the many great works of literature in my collection, such as Moby Dick, The Taming of the Shrew, or Acid Logic: A Decade of Humorous Writing on Pop Culture, Trash Cinema and Rebel Music?” Then, using the controls on your remote, you could page through these books.

Better still, how a whole section of channels where somebody actually reads the book to you?

Even better: why don’t we enslave every tribe of pygmies that can be found in Africa, teach them to read in erudite sounding British accents, and then place one in each American household with the command that they read to us whichever book we request?

Technology is just amazing!

1 Response to “E-books are taking over”

  1. Kirk Magnuson

    The ebook is definitely a great invention, but your idea about the pygmies is way more efficient and effective. Sell that idea to Apple.