Third-party dentistry

Yet another profound and interesting idea just hit me. For years, we would go to the dentist and after he performed some kind of examination he would tell us whether or not we had cavities that need to be filled. He might give you an x-ray showing where the cavities are, but if you’re like me, those things are close to indecipherable. You basically take his word for it that you need further dental work.

Of course, we’re now in an era of instant communication. The last time the dentist showed me an x-ray of my teeth it was a digital image on a computer. I posit that someone should start a dental vetting service. Either the victim, er, customer or the dentist himself would pay for a third-party service to validate the dentist’s findings. The dentist would do the x-ray and send it off to his third-party who would give an unbiased report.

As a result, dentists might once again be seen as trustworthy individuals, and we would no longer have sayings like, “I trust that motherfucker about as much as I trust my dentist!” (Note: this saying is an example of sarcasm.)

3 Responses to “Third-party dentistry”

  1. John Saleeby

    Oh fuck, I hope Obama is too busy with his fucking State Of The Useless Address to read your blog today. He’ll want every Dentist in the US emailing X Rays to the Department Of Dentistry for permission to perform all dental work (And recieve specific directions on how to perform it). Oh, Hell, if such an idea occurs to a melonhead like Forbis it’s already occurred to three hundred Federal Bureaucrats in Washington DC. But I’ll see to it that ten years from now Glen Beck will have everybody thinking it’s all Wil Forbis’ fault.

  2. Wil

    I like how I refer to the dentist as he. Because there’s no way a woman could master the art of dentistry.

    Tonight they played Kansas’s “Point of Know Return” on VH1 Classics.

  3. John Saleeby

    I just found out that the same day I wound up in the Hospital with Pneumonia some Artsy British Musician Chick died of Pneumonia. That’s HEAVY, man.

    Kansas was really popular for a while there. I had friends who were really into that Seventies “Art Rock” scene – Yes, The Nice, Emerson, Lake, And Palmer, etc. we all went to see Yes and I got really drunk and embarrassed everybody. I guess going onstage and playing synthesizer with my dick was a bit much. That’s how I got my recording deal with Casablanca Records. Anyway, Kansas was relieved when all the members who were really into drugs sobered up. But then they became Christians – Uh Oh, Spaghetti-Os!