The lizard King

So I open up this often ignored folder that’s lying underneath my dresser and find myself staring face-to-face with a 5 inch lizard. The first thought that goes through my mind is I’m trying to remember whether someone gave me a plastic lizard and that’s what I’m looking at. But, finally, he moves and I realized he is indeed real. Now he’s hiding somewhere near the garbage or something, and I suppose will crawl into my ear hole later tonight and lay eggs.

4 Responses to “The lizard King”

  1. Wil

    Update: I caught him by the tail and took him outside.

  2. John Saleeby

    And kicked his ass?

  3. Wil

    No, we just talked.

  4. AnonymousZ

    About the origin of moral behavior in society? Was he a good listener?