The bound God

Occasionally, I’ve mocked followers of intelligent design in this blog, accusing them of being mentally incompetent retards, or feces stained morons, or dull-witted nimrods. Just good-natured razzing, really. But I have to concede that as I’ve been reading a lot about DNA and genetics and the cellular construction of the human body lately, I find it’s complexity so overwhelming that I have to wonder whether the only explanation for life is an intelligent designer.

Of course, on the flipside, I find the human body rather un-elegantly designed. The pathways which with the brain communicates to the rest of the body are often meandering and convoluted, and the system is rife with inefficiencies.

But an interesting thought struck me today. Man himself may not be far off from creating machines capable of complex processing such as learning. It may well happen that these devices — be they software or robots — will eventually develop some crude form of consciousness, and may wonder whether they themselves were created by a higher being or evolved “naturally.”

The answer will be that they were created by a god of sorts e.g. man. Of course, they would not be so much created as constructed out of existing parts. Man would not be willing the atoms and molecules these robots would be created from out of thin air. This opens up the interesting idea of a “bound God.” A god who can create life, but is still limited by the materials at hand and the laws of the universe.

Perhaps one day I could become a bound God. And use my power to destroy my enemies.

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