Good-looking people also more intelligent

Refuting every dumb bimbo joke, a new study confirms what one would presume to be obvious: attractive people are smarter. The gist:

Lead researcher Satoshi Kanazawa said: “In the samples, physical attractiveness is significantly positively associated with general intelligence, both with and without controls for social class, body size and health. The association between physical attractiveness and general intelligence is also stronger among men than among women.”

Why would this point seem obvious? It follows the rules of evolutionary psychology, as explained by the researcher.

Kanazawa added: “If more intelligent men are more likely to attain higher status, and if men of higher status are more likely to marry beautiful women, then, given intelligence and attractiveness are heritable, there should be a positive correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness in the children.”

Doubtless some social critics will make the argument that attractiveness is not an absolute quality, but rather one determined by changing standards of the culture and time period. But you can’t help but notice how unattractive those critics are.

Of course, if you need a specific example of the attractiveness/intelligence correlation, you need look no further than your humble blogger. I’m often mistaken for Johnny Depp, and my advanced cognitive abilities are beyond dispute.

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