Degrees of emotion

I think we’re all aware that there is a wide range of the intensity of which people feel emotions. Some people seem to erupt with emotions at the drop of a hat, others are cool as a cucumber. And some people seem more prone to different types of emotions e.g. they get angry easily, or they’re particularly melancholy. I’ve long presumed this variation in emotional experience is responsible for a lot of the tension between people. “How can you not take my emotions seriously?” some weepy eyed worrywart asks of a particularly dispassionate coworker.

I’ve been reading a book entitled “The Modular Brain” by Richard Restak and he makes a similar point in regards to people with a disorder in which they can still feel emotions, but they can’t properly express them or recognize their expression in others. He says…

Milder forms of the disorder account, I am convinced, for many of the misunderstandings and grievances that arise involving people with subtle degrees of impairment, especially when they interact with others highly skilled in expressing emotions and deciphering the emotions of others. In describing people with the milder forms of this difficulty, words like “insensitive” and “obtuse” are often employed by spouses, friends and coworkers, no doubt a response to the flat tones and matter-of-fact manner that accompanies what should be highly emotional topics.

This seems to be a specific example of a larger topic: many of the arguments and disagreements that occur on a personal, institutional, and even national level are more about differences of brain circuitry then opinion. And if humankind really seeks to mitigate these disagreements, they will have to take the neurological causes into account. In short, we could end all disagreement and war, if people would just read my blog and take my ideas to heart.

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  1. John Saleeby

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  2. John Saleeby

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  3. John Saleeby

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  4. Wil

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  5. AnonymousZ

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  6. John Saleeby

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  7. John Saleeby

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  8. Wil

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