Rethinking adult babies

I recently mentioned a man who had been arrested for pretending to be retarded and having teenage babysitters care for him. He would wear diapers and, in one case, soiled himself, requiring cleaning. This man is clearly a member of the adult baby movement, a collection of people who achieve a sexual thrill by wearing diapers and pretending to be babies.

My initial reaction to this subset of humanity was as follows: they should be rounded up, dragged from their homes and stomped to death by pure, right-thinking citizens such as myself. But I’m having second thoughts. I’ve discussed in the past my fascinations with Freudian notions of the id — the inner child of our psyche that never grows up. The id wants everything his or her way, and will throw a screaming tantrum at any inconvenience.

Of course, we live in a society that suppresses the id. We’re constantly told to sacrifice our needs for the needs of others. Thus, the id has been smothered.

That’s not likely to change anytime soon. Is there any way to give some solace to this oppressed id? Well, the id is essentially a baby… why not give it some “baby time”? And what did you do when you were a baby? You lay around being bottle-fed and shitting your pants, exactly like an adult baby. It could be that joining the adult baby movement is the only way to achieve some semblance of sanity in this id suppressing world.

Now, I’m a busy man and don’t have time to experiment with lying around in soiled diapers, but perhaps some of my readers can give it a try and report back?

2 Responses to “Rethinking adult babies”

  1. Larwence

    I’ll give this a try.

  2. Larwence

    It works!