More thoughts on screaming obscenities at those you love

I’ve briefly mentioned the ideas of pain doctor/author Dr. John Sarno. I’m currently reading his book “The Divided Mind” and finding it quite interesting. His theories on pain treatment are very Freudian. He posits that we have this inner child, our id, who behaves rather, well, childishly. Whenever the id feels infringed upon, justly or not, it adds to our hidden well of rage and pain.

When does the id feel this infringement? Pretty much all the time during the course of modern human existence. When your boss asks you to have the report done by the end of the day. When your parents ask you to clean out the garage. When your wife hands you a book entitled “How to Pleasure a Woman” and instructs you to read it. When your parents hand you a book entitled “How to Pleasure a Woman” and instruct you to read it (while cleaning out the garage.) Any time someone asks you to do something you don’t want to do, you feel infringed upon. And people who suffer from what John Sarno refers to as “good-ism” feel added pressure — they want to feel liked and valued.

Sarno offers the experience of road rage as an example of this subconscious volcano of anger bubbling to the surface. As someone who’s experienced road rage, this makes intuitive sense to me. Road rage does seem to come out of nowhere*, with tsunami-like velocity.

If this analysis is true, the solution is obvious. We should spend a significant portion of our day screaming obscenities and invectives at the people most involved in our daily lives — our coworkers, our family members, our close friends, our lovers. I suspect that as we watched their sobbing forms flee our presence, we would feel a great sense of inner peace.

* Technically it doesn’t come out of nowhere. It comes out of some fucktarded douchebag making a left turn in front of you without even having the common human decency to signal.

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  1. Larwence

    Wouldn’t we be infringing on the ids of the people we scream at?