Are catalogers crazy?

I’ve noticed among a few people I know an intense interest in what I would call cataloging. This can be seen in anything from an obsession with putting things in the correct drawer, to filing data away in a very precise manner.

I myself have a certain discomfort with things being “up in the air.” If I have several incomplete items on my mental list of tasks, I experience a mild anxiety. If I’m working on a piece of writing or music and have several details not quite worked out or unanswered questions, I’m also a little upended. However, I’m not obsessive about it, and I’m fairly comfortable with vagueness.

I’m wondering if this obsession with cataloging leads to particular types of philosophical or political beliefs. Are catalogers prone to more fundamentalist ways of thinking e.g. worldviews or political philosophies which have no unanswered questions (even if the answers are clearly illogical)? Would catalogers be more likely to join some kind of religious cult? I honestly have no idea, and I doubt it’s ever been studied, but it would be interesting to find out.

Only one thing can be certain: my way is the best way.

2 Responses to “Are catalogers crazy?”

  1. John Saleeby

    Catalogers are assholes.

  2. John Saleeby

    As all of my fans and followers are already aware, I have always been 100% Pro J. Geils Band. However, I am very sorry to report that I just heard “Centerfold” on the radio while driving around in my car and that thing is so fucking cute it made me want to drive into a tree at a high speed so I crashed through the windshield and bled to death before they could get to the “whistling” bit at the end of the record.

    Let’s go see “Skyline” for laughs!