The eyes are everywhere

I can’t help but suspect that this story — about a college student killing himself after a video of him having sex with a man was broadcast on to the Internet by his roommate — is a sign of what’s to come. People are freaking out about the fact that in places such as Britain the state has video cameras filming everything in the public arena, but if you look at the direction technology is headed in, it seems likely that all private citizens will eventually have overt and covert video cameras watching everything. People will wire up their entire house or apartment to keep an eye out for burglars. Women will hook themselves up to some kind of body camera to gather evidence of possible date rape. Private satellites in the sky will peer into your bedroom while you’re pleasuring a partner. Eventually, everyone’s life will be a reality TV show broadcast 24/7.

I could not be more uncomfortable with this turn of events. Any video of me satisfying a woman would reveal to the world my advanced lovemaking techniques. In the hands of a master, such as myself, these techniques are capable of producing incredible ecstasy. In the trembling, greasy hands of the many virginal dillwads out there, these techniques can be damaging, even fatal.

I pray for our world.

3 Responses to “The eyes are everywhere”

  1. John Saleeby

    I was laughing my ass off at all the TV News people getting all huffy over this story this morning. If any TV News Person were to make a similar video of any Politician it would be all over Television and the internet and they would be a Hero. Huff Huff Huffitty Huffitty Huff Huff Huff!!

  2. Wil

    Are you writing for the Huffington Post?

  3. John Saleeby

    No, but I could if felt like it.