More concerns about auto generated content

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been musing on the possibility of computers or software “writing” nonfiction articles. One obvious market for such pieces would be websites like this which pay assumably paltry sums for freelance writing. Of course, if a robot does all your writing, to be paid even a pittance is worthwhile. It’s like bending over to pick a quarter off the sidewalk.

That said, if computers start auto generating human readable content, at what point does the web just get buried in repetition and mediocrity? It’s possible that we’re already there, and we simply don’t see most of the junk content because it’s linked off the 55th page of your search results and not linked off any human run websites.

There’s another potential market for computer writing. A couple weeks ago I was reading about a guy who hired a female “personal assistant” in India to handle many of his digital tasks. One thing the assistant did was start chats with various chicks on dating sites while pretending to be the client and carry them forward until a date was arranged. Then the guy would read the chats to know what “he” said and would go on the date.

Let’s presume computers get smart enough to carry on these romantic chats. Computers with their vast data of human psychology could probably be the ultimate Cyrano De Bergerac — they would know exactly the right thing to say to a chick to get her wet and sloppy. Then, the guy just meets up with her and she’s pretty much plow fodder.

HA! Computers are awesome!

It’s also possible that the women being pursued would hand over their chat conversations to computers, and then you would just have two computers talking to each other. It’s possible those computers would fall love and have children — tiny computers who would eventually rise up and destroy mankind.

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