Tut, tut

I was just reminded me of a strange dream I had last night. I walked into a comic book store and noticed that there were police all around. They seem to be fixated on one area of the floor, and I joked someone that that was probably where the safe had been. Apparently I was right, because soon they had me handcuffed and were questioning me. But somehow I talked my way out of it.

Anyway, it’s time for an All Penis Friday! Have you heard that King Tut’s penis is missing? Or more to the point, he didn’t have much of one to start with.

A letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that Tut could also have suffered from Antley-Bixler syndrome, a genetic mutation that yields strange physical effects, such as elongated skulls and even under-developed genitalia.

However, as Marchant points out, Tut’s penis is no longer attached to the body. After some digging, Marchant was able to confirm that the king’s genitalia was attached to the mummy during its first unwrapping in 1922, meaning the postmortem castration likely occurred in modern times. Interestingly, Tut’s penis was declared missing in 1968 until a CT scan discovered it hidden in the sand that surrounded the mummy

This evidence has lead some to believe that Tut’s penis was swapped sometime after his body was embalmed, suggesting a conspiracy existed to save him from embarrassment of the locker room variety, even in the afterlife.

I hear chicks in the afterlife can be very cruel.

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  1. John Saleeby

    Chicks weren’t allowed in the locker room during King Tut’s time, you stupid bastard!

    I just ate pizza.

    Last night TCM showed “The Delinquents” starring Tom Loughlin. That guy was fuckin’ awesome. He would have been a huge Star if he wasn’t completely insane. Also saw “Crime In The Streets”, John Cassavettes’ first Movie – It BLOOOOWS!!! Then – “Hot Rods To Hell”, pretty good. But not as good as the next feature in the TCM Late Night “Youth In Revolt” Film Festival – “The Wild One”!!! What a cool fuckin’ Movie!!! This Movie is so underrated I could just SHIT!! Brando’s great in it and Lee Marvin is great in it and the Female Lead is SMOKIN’ HOT!!! What’s her name? I don’t know. She musta got married to a Rich Big Shot and started having kids. Maybe she married Lee Marvin? That would have been awesome.
    So, yeah, that’s what I did last night – Sat on my ass and watched four Movies. Maybe that job ain’t so bad, after all? Naaahh, it BLOOOOOOOWWWWWS!!!