The pigeons speak!

Pigeons force Kings of Leon to abandon concert

Rock band the Kings of Leon have been forced to end a concert early after pigeons defecated on them from the rafters of a US venue.

The rockers abandoned the gig in St Louis after three songs when bass player Jared Followill was hit in the mouth and face by pigeon droppings.

Drummer Nathan Followill later apologised to fans via Twitter, saying “it was too unsanitary to continue”.

It’s pretty clear these guys are a bunch of pussies. Motorhead would have had no problem playing through an onslaught of pigeon shit.

It dawned on me while reading the story that, while I had heard of the band, I had never heard any of the Kings of Leon’s music. I dug some up on YouTube, obviously hoping that it was deserving of pigeon poop. I was not disappointed. It’s utterly forgettable, middling fifth-generation grunge. Say what you want about pigeons, but they have excellent musical taste.

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