Garage door opener to the brain

There’s no doubt that reading about neuroscience and evolutionary psychology has tangible benefits in terms of satisfying one’s intellectual curiosity. But there’s another reason to take up such studies: can the knowledge found in these sciences be used to trick women into sleeping with you?

Just yesterday I was reading about how, when women are most fertile, they prefer manly, testosteronated men (like myself) whereas for the rest of their cycle they prefer nurturing losers. The theoretical reason is that if women are primed to get pregnant, they want the genetic advantages of manly man, but when the likelihood of pregnancy is low, they want to avoid the aggressive nature of such men. Plus, if they already have children, they want these “good father” types around. Basically, women want one type of man to sire their children, and another to raise them, thus affirming my theory that all women are whores.

So, if you could develop a sense of what part of her cycle a woman was on, you could tailor your personality to fit. That sounds like a lot of work though; I’ve been musing on another idea. We know that all brain activity is essentially electrical signals firing, and we’ve now develop the ability to send electrical signals wirelessly. It seems to me one could literally create a remote control that would send an electrical signal stimulating the sexual part of woman’s brain, sending her into a sexual fervor. The science for this is theoretical, but promising.

2 Responses to “Garage door opener to the brain”

  1. John Saleeby

    Okay, I give up – What the fuck is a “Kindle”?

  2. Wil

    It’s this magic device that uses electrical signals to arouse women sexually. That’s what everyone is getting one.