Drink, ladies, to your happiness!

I’ve been reading a rather interesting book called “Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?” It’s a pop neuroscience book focused on sexuality; among its many fascinating revelations is the fact that semen is an antidepressant. While discussing a study on this topic, the text states…

… [female condom users] didn’t appear to benefit from the sustained antidepressant benefit experienced by the women who rejected rubbers. In fact, regular condom users were more likely to report having attempted suicide than women who never or only sometimes used barrier protection. On the depression test, assiduous condom users scored about the same as those women who were having lesbian only sex or were abstinent.

That would seem to explain why lesbians always seem so pissed off.

Curiously, there’s no discussion as to whether semen consumption improves the moods of men. But there is this…

Hormones in semen that are stored through vaginal tissue are likely to be just as easily absorbed by the tissues of the mouth and rectum.

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